What does Ghetto Geek Do?

We are a boutique full-service, digital agency located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, focused on providing start-ups and young small businesses with vetted solutions to establish, increase, enhance or revitalize their online digital presence. Our approach is very different in that we explain every singletechnical piece of verbiage to you in ways that you can easily understand. We empower our partner-clients to make the best business decision for their organization. We plan, design, develop, test and deploy into secure production environments using industry standard best practices, compliance, security protocols/standardsin the form of web, mobile, decentralized applications, bots, IoT and databases using cutting edge solutions for small businesses at a reasonable and more than competitive price point.

We also use a variety of tools to help small businesses better strategize, market themselves and achieve substantial and measurable increases revenue and growth via social media, email, branding/Identity, etc., furthermore we increase not only their overall visibility to their chosen target demographic/psychographic, we partner with our clients to facilitate and empower themselves to develop secure and long lasting loyalty and trust among their existing client base.

Lastly, we also provide and assist our clients in content creation, site maintenance, and process automation using current technologic advancements, computer science fundamentals/concepts, machine learning, algorithms and data structures. Our Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) show you an actual return on your investment immediately. We employ a myriad of technologies that are bleeding-to-cutting edge and with a thinking outside the box approach and diverse mindset. Let us help your business today go to the next level! Contact us today and see how we can be a disrupting force for you!